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Bank Teller Cover Letter - No Experience

Following is a sample cover letter of a Bank Teller having No Experience in hand. If you are a fresher and want apply for a bank teller job, you may use this cover letter for your resume. Edit any necessary changes as per your circumstances

Bank Teller Cover Letter - No Experience

111 Example Street
Edmonton, AB A9Q 6C4

April 01, 2011

Mr. John K. Smith
Hiring Manager
Community Savings Bank
222 Sample Road
Edmonton AB S9D 6C9

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have been referred to you by Rocky Arnolds, Career Development Coordinator for Edmonton Community College, who informed me that you are seeking the services of a fresh and customer oriented person as a bank teller for your Edmonton Branch of Community Savings Bank. I believe my educational background and skills would be beneficial for Community Savings Bank.

As an associate in the School of Business at Edmonton Community College, I have attained solid foundation and learned the worth of outstanding customer service. During my internship at Calgary Credit Union I had the chance to narrate theory to practice in a real world environment. Besides this experience, I also have worked as a bank teller during my honorary employment at ABC Bank Edmonton. Through this experience I have gained a complete understanding of the basics of federal banking law and client service direction. I am now interested to utilize my skills at Community Savings Bank.

As an enthusiastic bank teller, I will welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and learn more about Community Savings Bank. You may contact me at (666) 999-9999 in order to plan a meeting time. Moreover, I will call you next week for followup. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Chris

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