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Canadian DV Lottery 2011-2012

In fact, there is no concept of Canadian DV Lottery or Canadian visa lottery program. Don't search for the Canada visa lottery program or Canada green card lottery, and don't trust about it because DV lottery is only specific to USA. In actual fact, Canada had not offered any kind of Visa Lottery program in history not currently offering Green card Lottery program. Canada offers many kinds of visas available for the overseas born people to submit an application for immigration.

Only America is offering the DV lottery or diversity visa lottery program which is also called as US green card lottery to let the people come to U.S. from countries having low immigration rate in order to to live enduringly in America. To enter this program people require to have  high school certificate and must belong to allowed country for the eligibility.

On the other hand, the Canadian Government offers this chance more easily than the USA - to qualified people from all over the world - to immigrate Canada under a points based system. People who want to get the Canadian Immigration requires educational qualification, vocational training and work experience in the 29 required occupations list. Because of this, they don't need to activate a DV or visa lottery program.

A lot of web sites and scam email senders are using this program name to cheat and create money from innocent people who are in search of opportunities in Canada. Also these fraud people use to send emails stating Canadian hotels and other institutions names as they present work and visas for a fee. Once the scammer gets his fee he will be misplaced from the scene.

So, never take any action in response to an email or offer regarding Canada visa lottery, Canada green card lottery, Canada DV lottery and job offers in Canada. If you are in search of a working visa in Canada contact the nearest Canadian consular office or visit their official web site to get the necessary information. No one, either hotel or companies, citizens or agents can't provide you Canadian visas. You can get Canadian visas only from the Canadian Embassy in your country or dealing with your country.

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