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Higher Unemployment Rate in Immigrants of Toronto

Latest official data by Statistics Canada disclosed a high raise in the figure of unemployed immigrants in Toronto. In accordance with the figures for the month of November 2010, out of each five new immigrants in Toronto, as a minimum one is jobless and this is the uppermost unemployment rate amongst immigrants in Toronto since the year 2006 when the vocation of data by Statistics Canada started.

The rate of unemployment amongst immigrants in Toronto is in difference to the being without a job among Canada-born people. The figures reveal a decline in the rate of unemployment among Canada-born in November this year.

And it’s being feared that the unemployment is going to get worse in the coming times for the newcomers in Toronto. Certainly, there has been a turn down in the number of migrants immigrating to Toronto, which once used to be a hot target for immigration amongst people from the world over.

In the meantime, the Canada government is announcing more than a few programs to help winning settlement of newcomers in the city of Toronto and help overthrow the rising unemployed rate among immigrants.

Unemployment rate in Canada has dropped gradually but incessantly for Canadian-born people from 9.2 percent to 6.7 percent in Toronto. Furthermore, speed of joblessness at 7.6 percent is also lowest all through Canada in the last two years time. This is in spite of the growing unemployed rate among newcomers immigrating to Canada in the era of last five years.

Toronto alone has approximately 19.7 percent of the newcomers devoid of any jobs here. And this is higher than not just the joblessness rate of Canada-born people but also much higher than the last year’s unemployed rate of 13 percent. Out of the total inhabitants of Toronto, nearly 50 percent contain of immigrants. Therefore, the city needs extra efforts from the Canadian government to help newcomers in Toronto get associated to jobs.

The federal government has set aside funds worth $2.3 billion for integration programs aimed to assist new immigrants in Toronto this year. And many more forthcoming programs are in the channel through joint efforts with regional employment agencies aiming to help immigrant professionals get connected with the employers in the state.
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