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Immigration Levels To Canada 2010

Canada will maintain same level of immigrants in 2010. The honorable Minister Kenny stated this while deciding the 26 June 2010 plan of immigration to Canada. Although Canada has put cap on the new immigrants to 20,000/year having a maximum of 1000 applicants from each category but it will not affect the overall immigration to Canada.

After the new plan has been announced on 26 June 2010, the primary focus of Canadian government will be backlog applicants who have been waiting for Canadian immigration for many years particularly immigration applicants from Asia and Middle East including India, Pakistan, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Dubai etc.

Canadian Government has recognized the fact that this is total unjust with old applicants who are waiting for immigration from so many years and the new applicants got their immigration in a very small period of time.

In 2010, Canada will maintain its immigration levels to 265,000 from which the majority will be the old applicants particularly pre Feb. 2008 applicants. Minister Kenney said “We are aware of problems facing by old Canadian immigration applicants and are taking steps to give maximum relief to them by finishing the backlog.
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