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New Canadian Immigration Rule to Speed up Older Applications

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has proclaimed much predictable changes in upcoming immigration rules of Canada. Canada is amending its intake of applications of federal skilled workers under federal business programs. This is being done to decrease backlog of pre Feb 2008 applicants and improve wait times at the same time as meeting country’s labor market needs.

The announced changes would perk up processing and wait times for backlog of applications, in that way making immigration process faster for cases filed under old immigration rules.

Starting from July 1 2011, for applicants lacking an offer of employment in Canada, government has additional limited figure of new federal skilled worker applications that would be considered for processing to 10,000 a year. This figure was 20,000 previous year. Within this limit, a utmost of 500 new applications in every of present 29 priority occupations will be considered. These limits do not relate to applications with an offer of arranged employment.

On the other hand, since caps are proclaim on federal skilled and federal investor categories, opportune filing of cases is very important to ensure cases are timely received at the CIC. In June 2010, government released a modernized list of 29 priority occupations and introduced a worldwide cap of 20000 for federal skilled workers, in addition to a sub-cap of 1000 under every occupation.

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