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Academic Cover Letters

Always use a cover letter when you send your vita or resume to a perspective employer. It is your opportunity to highlight your qualifications, experience and expertise relevant to the specific position. If you are applying to a job you really want, then you have to create a perfect cover letter that will catch employer's eye as quickly as possible.

Academic Cover Letters
Below we have given some sample academic cover letters for your review. With help of these sample cover letters you can create your personal and effective academic cover letter.The academic cover letters are used when applying for jobs at community colleges and universities. It is different from business cover letters. Academic cover letter detail the candidate's research and teaching goals.

These sample academic cover letters guide you about what to include and how to present that information.The academic cover letter could ultimately point you in the direction of a tenure track job at the college or university of your choice. Your cover letter is a part of your first impression.
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