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Job Postings On The Rise, Despite Job Market Concerns

I just read a very encouraging post on about how job postings online are actually increasing despite the recent market troubles.  No doubt you have heard of the troubling economic news of the past few weeks: The downgrade of long-term U.S. debt, the stock market plunge, and the fears of a double-dip recession rising.  The article begins with similar gloomy news, citing a report that says job growth is expected to be slow through the end of the year.  It specifically estimates that employment growth is expected to only be about 100,000 per month, a number that the report says doesn't warrant stronger hiring.

Luckily, the author manages to find some very encouraging news.  According to SimplyHired, job postings increased by 6.5% over the last month.  In addition, reported that 12 of the 13 industries had more jobs in July than they did in June.

Combined with the better than expected jobs report for July, perhaps there are some positive signs after all.   You can read the full article from by clicking here.
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