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NPT Jobs Recommends: 8/2/2011

Make sure to take a look at the newest articles from NPT's Exempt Magazine.  We recently put up three articles from the latest issue, and you can take a look at one of them right here.  After you are done with that, take a look at today's recommended job articles:

  • 'The 4 Most Effective Sources of Career Referrals'-A good article from AvidCareerist on the best people to contact when doing networking.
  • '10 Best Practices for Accelerating the Success of Millenials'-There is no doubt that this generation has landed in one of the worst job markets our country has seen.  That doesn't mean there is no hope, however.  This article gives tips on how young professionals can advance their careers.
  • 'The Puppy Dog Close Technique'-Don't be fooled by the cutesy sounding title: This is a very useful article.  In short, it's about what you should do when told there are no openings at a company.  The author suggests the "puppy dog" technique.  What is it?  You'll have to read to find out.
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