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CIC Attempts to Finish Backlog

CIC is presently struggling to cope with a huge backlog of immigration applications. The log jam of Canadian immigration applications is hurting Canada's standing as a most favorite immigration aim for skilled migrants. In a number of cases people prefer Australia, New Zealand and Denmark as a substitute immigration destination.

Canadian Immigration Minister Honorable Jason Kenney said that this state of affairs was a big problem. He has spoken repeatedly about the requirement to make the application process more efficient and get the backlog under control.

Numerous hearings on this matter are pending to take place before the House of Commons immigration committee.

Critics say that at the same time as the government talks regarding lessen the backlog, they are also continuing to allow big numbers of new Canadian immigration applications, so making the problem worse.

"At the same time as Canada continues to welcome historically high records of new immigrants, and maintains the most open and liberal immigration system in the planet, we have to cautiously administer the large number of populace around the globe who desire to be Canadian," a representative for Kenney told.

The Canadian government declared that since 2008, they have reduced the speed of the backlog through measures which bound immigration in certain areas, for instance the investor route. Furthermore, people who submit an application as skilled workers and have experience in 29 most wanted jobs are fast tracked and have their applications approved inside months.

The people who bear the longest waiting times comprise parents and grandparents of permanent residents and immigrants who applied previous to the changes introduced in 2008. Pre 2008 applicants are now focused by Canadian Government and their processing is speedier than ever.
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