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Job Research: Why It's Important

Do you know everything you should about the company for which you are applying?  If the answer is no, you need to do some more research before you send that resume.  That's probably not something most job seekers want to hear.  Browsing job boards for work is enough work as it is, why would you want to make it even more frustrating?  Here's why: Job research not only will help you get a better feel of what the organization does, it will also help enhance your qualifications.

Having a better understanding of the specifics of the organization you are applying to will give you more to write about in your cover letter.  For example, you could mention a specific event that the nonprofit was recently involved with as an example of why you are excited to join them.  This has the added benefit of showing the employer that you have done your homework.

Job research can also help you in a similar way during interview preparation.  Create a list of talking points about the company before you get into the office.  These points should show your knowledge of the organization, and how your skills could help them out further.  If you are applying for a web developer position, you could mention to the interviewer that you liked the design of their website while also pointing out some areas that you could improve.

These are just some of the ways that researching a company can help your cause.  Please refer to my previous post on job research for specific ways you should go about this process.
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