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The Top 10 Job Interview Questions To Ask

What's a nonprofit job interview really about?  You might think it's just about your qualifications, but it's actually more about how you can help the employer succeed now and in the future.

It's all too easy for a job seeker to completely forget about the point of view of the employer in an interview.  The majority of the job search is completely focused on your needs, so what the interviewer is thinking isn't the first thing that pops into your head.  The last thing you want is another thing to worry about, but you're going to have to start thinking about this.  After all, one of the major points of an interview is to impress your prospective employer.

With that in mind, here are 10 good job interview questions to ask to the interviewer:
  1. What is the leadership style in the organization?  Would you say it's more relaxed or strict?
  2. What types of individuals are most successful here?  (This is a good opportunity to point out that you fit those qualifications, assuming the interviewer lists traits that match yours).
  3. What's your biggest worry these days?  What aspect of business keeps you up at night?
  4. What are the major accomplishments you expect to see from someone taking on this job?  Are there any long term goals I should know?
  5. What would a successful year for the organization look like?  How will this position help reach that goal?
  6. How did you get your start in the nonprofit sector?  What do you enjoy about it the most?
  7. I've mainly worked for (insert type of company here) during my career?  Do you think this experience will be to my advantage should I be chosen for this job?
  8. What was it about this job that makes it so important?  Why are you prioritizing it over other positions?
  9. What has been the biggest challenge for the organization over the past year?  Did the recession have a big impact on your mission?
  10. What is the timeline for the hiring process?  When should I get back in touch with you regarding the position?
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