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Finding Work Outside Your Major

You expect to find a job in your major when you spend four or more years in college. After all, that is the kind of work for which you are presumably most passionate. Nonprofit jobs can accommodate a lot of different skills, however, so you shouldn't feel like you are bound to your major.

Job seekers sometimes have the mistaken belief that it will be harder for them to get a job outside of their major. While it's true that it will take a little bit more effort, it's hardly impossible. There are plenty of opportunities to enhance your existing career skills to open you up to other opportunities. Here are some suggestions to help you find a job outside your comfort zone:

  • Take continuing education or graduate courses in a subject that interests you. You don't need to have a four-year college degree to get the attention of employers; every little bit of experience helps.
  • Identify any transferable skills you gained in college or elsewhere. These are skills that can be applied to multiple different fields.
  • Consider getting a minor in another subject if you are still in college. This will add depth to your resume and cover letter.
  • Remember that your degree holds many different possibilities for the nonprofit sector. For example, an English major can easily get a job at a nonprofit as a writer for the website or a PR person.
  • Build a network of contacts in the field in which you are interested. The relationships you build with these people will ultimately assist you in getting the job you want.
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