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Four Things That Will Disqualify Your Resume

Your resume is likely the first thing an employer will see when you apply for one of its positions. They say that first impressions are everything, so don't be surprised if just one glaring mistake is enough to disqualify you.

The idea that an otherwise great resume could be discarded because of one mistake seems unfair, but it's one of those things with which job seekers have to live. The good news is that a minor mistake is probably enough to bring you down; it's those big errors that will really kill your chances.

Want to know what some of those big no-no's are? Here are four of the worst offenders:

  • Bad Formatting: Whatever you do, don't double-space your resume. You should also make sure that your formatting is consistent. If you decide to put two spaces after a sentence, make sure to do it throughout the document. Indentations can also be a problem. Make sure everything is properly aligned by using tab instead of manually indenting with the space bar.
  • Pictures: Pictures only serve to waste space on your resume. No matter how pretty your face is, resist the temptation to include a photo. Pictures make a resume look unprofessional.
  • Resume Templates: There are tons of resume templates online that in theory will make your life easier.  You should really be customizing your resume each time you apply to a new job. Employers frown upon applicants who appear to have put little effort into their resumes.
  • A Lack Of Dates: Make sure you include dates for all your previous positions. If you are concerned about employment gaps, you can explain them in the description of the job. Employers will have more concerns about a candidate that doesn't include dates than gaps in employment that can be easily explained.
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