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Where To Look For Nonprofit Jobs

Are you looking for places to find a great nonprofit job? Luckily for you, there are plenty of resources all over the place to help your job search. There's only one question: Where should you start? Below I have compiled the 8 best places to look for work. We'll start with the most obvious choice:

  • Online Job Boards: Job sites like the Nonprofit Job Seeker are a good place to browse for the latest opportunities. Some job seekers think it's most efficient to just use one site, but it's actually best to pick out a few good ones. Remember, not all organizations post on the same boards.
  • Employer Websites: While most organizations take advantage of job posting sites, some simply post the latest opportunities on their web sites. Make sure to constantly visit the pages of nonprofits you are most interested in joining. A simple Google search will help you find an organization's web page.
  • Newspapers: Believe it or not, newspapers are still a good place too look for jobs. This is especially true for local papers. 
  • Craigslist: The popular online classifieds site is a great place to find the latest open positions. The jobs section of the site has a specific category for nonprofit jobs, so make sure to look in that position when browsing for work in your area.
  • Twitter: Be the first to know about new positions by following job-based Twitter accounts. NPT has one of these, and other organizations also tweet about new openings at their offices. You can also check Facebook pages as well.
  • Recruiting Agencies: Get in touch with these groups so they can help connect you with nonprofits that are looking to hire. It's possible you will only end up with a temp job, but those can eventually turn into full-time positions.
  • College Career Centers: Virtually every college has an office to help students and alumni find jobs. Even if it's been years since you've graduated from your university, you can still get in touch with them and they will help you connect with organizations looking to hire.
  • Walk-Ins: Don't be afraid to walk into the office of a nonprofit and ask directly if they are hiring. You can also call the human resources manager if you are too nervous to do a blind visit.
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