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4 Ways To Get A Job Interview

The best way to get a job interview is to have an impressive resume and cover letter, but those aren't the only things in your control. There are plenty of other techniques that will improve your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers. Below are four tips that will help you accomplish this goal:

  • Contact the Employer Before Sending Your Application: Unless the job description specifically asks for no phone calls, you should contact the hiring manager before sending your resume and cover letter. The purpose of your call should be to express your interest in the job, and to give a brief elevator pitch explaining why you are qualified.
  • Promise a Follow-Up: End your cover letter with a statement that shows your intention to follow-up with the employer within the next few days. This will show that you are proactive, a quality that is very attractive in potential employees. Of course, if you promise to contact them within a certain time frame, make sure you actually do.
  • Have a Purpose With Your Subsequent Follow-Ups: Sometimes you will not hear back from the employer after your initial follow-up call. If you don't hear back within a few weeks of your initial message, try calling the individual again but make sure you have a purpose. For example, you could call to ask whether a timeline has been established for potential interviews.
  • Keep a Contact Log: Keep track of all the individuals you have contacted. This log should include a copy of the job description, the file names of the resume and cover you used, contact dates, and the name of the hiring manager with whom you talked. 

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