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6 Ways To Lose A Job

Originally posted on Nonprofit Job Seeker


Your goal as a job seeker is to make employers like you to the extent that you are chosen instead of other qualified candidates. The idea that you would intentionally try and make a recruiter hate you seems farfetched, but that doesn't mean you don't have any habits that are unintentionally rubbing employers the wrong way.

Hiring managers have plenty of pet peeves, but below are the six that will hurt your chances the most:
  • Asking Personal Questions: It's one thing to ask how long the interviewer has worked at the organization, it's another to ask personal questions about her family or life.
  • Using Slang: Whether it's in your resume or cover letter, slang has no place in a professional environment. You should also avoid any abbreviations that are not well known within the industry.
  • Being Overly Aggressive: Employers like to see candidates who are go-getters, but there is a line you need to be careful not to cross. For example, it's not OK to send an e-mail written in all caps just because you are frustrated over to wait to her back about your application.
  • Making Up Achievements: It's never a good idea to lie about your skills or an achievement at a previous job. Even if you aren't discovered immediately, it will soon become apparent when you aren't able to do the work you claimed you could.
  • Being A Pest: It's very important to follow up shortly after you submitted your job application, but be wary of how many times you contact the employer. Here's a rule of thumb: Wait at least a week before your next message.
  • Being Careless: Submitting stock resumes and cover letters is a good way to make the employer believe you aren't serious about the job. Continually writing customized applications for each new job is the only way you will get noticed.
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