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Emails On The Run

Email is an important tool for all job seekers. It allows them to quickly communicate to employers or networking contacts instantly, and it makes sending documents easier. For all its advantages, however, it does have its downsides.

One of these issues is something that we all dread but that usually happens at least once in our lives: Sending an email to the wrong person. This is even more common in the smartphone era, when anyone with an Internet-enabled phone can send messages while on the run. Sending a personal email meant for a friend to an employer can be a potentially career-killing move. Luckily, there are ways to avoid this:

  1. If at all possible, wait until you get home to send your message. While mistakes can happen on the computer, it's less likely because you will not be as rushed.
  2. Double-check the "TO" line on all the emails you send.
  3. Create a separate email account for all of your job search-related contacts. This is by far the best solution, as you will be eliminating any chance of sending a message meant for a personal contact.
If you do happen to send a message meant for a friend or family member to an employer, follow-up immediately with an apology. Depending on the content of the message, your chances of getting the job will not be severely reduced if you correct your error right away.

Have you ever been caught in this difficult situation? Tell us in our comment section what happened, and if you were able to still get the job despite the embarrassment.
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