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8 Things To Explain About Your Nonprofit's Hiring Policies

Pay and the quality of the organization remain high job seekers' wish lists, but those aren't the only factors that drive them; the hiring policies of an organization also play a large role in determining their interest in the job.

Why do applicants want to know about hiring policies? According to Thomas Wolf, in his book "Managing a Nonprofit Organization," candidates can use this information to set reasonable expectations about when they should hear back after applying. This not only will help them, but will also allow you, the hiring manager, to take your time knowing that your applicants have an idea of when they are going to hear back.

Wolf also wrote that the clearer your policies are, the less chance there is for misunderstandings. He recommended making sure that the following eight questions are answered in your job description:

  • How are employees hired and is there a formal process with public notice required?
  • Are current employees given first preference for a job vacancy?
  • Is there an affirmative action policy?
  • Is hiring done solely on the basis of competency and qualifications?
  • Is every prospective employee allowed to see a job description?
  • Is there an official training period?
  • Do temporary or permanent part-time employees enjoy the same rights and benefits as full-time employees?
  • How often are salary ranges and job classifications reviewed and by whom?
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