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Wanted: Executive Director

There are many important roles at a nonprofit, whether it's the Chief Executive Officer or the Development Officer. One of the other major positions of power is one for which San Juan Safe Communities Initiative, Inc is currently hiring: the Executive Director.

The Farmington, N.M.-based organization is looking for candidates who are organized and have excellent written and oral communication skills to fill the important role of Executive Director. The positions major role at the organization will be to direct and implement all organizational and day to day activities which are aimed at developing a comprehensive, sensible approach to San Juan Safe's mission: Ending substance abuse and criminal activity in the community. The ideal candidate will possess knowledge of San Juan County demographics and systems of government, law enforcement and human services.

Other duties include:
  • Overseeing all communication between the Board, other committees, task forces, media and the membership;
  • Coordinating meetings, including preparation of agendas, minutes and notices;
  •  Coordinating with community groups, agencies, and local governments on initiative goals and activities;
  • Organizing marketing activities including the creation of multimedia programs to promote awareness and prevention;
  • Monitoring the budget; and,
  • Negotiating agreements with outside agencies and contractors for services.
A bachelors degree in Sociology or a related field is preferred for this job, but San Juan Safe will consider an equivalent combination of education and experience. All candidates must have office management and supervisory experience.

Read more about how to apply for this job on our career center. Good luck!
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