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2 Years Of Work Experience Required? Who Cares?

Why College Grads Should Apply To Entry Level Jobs That Require "Experience"


You load up your go-to job site and enter the job title you
want and your city. Boom! Tons of search results pop up below. As you scan the
blue links over the white screen like fish in pond, you notice one job with the
word “coordinator” in it. Beautiful - that must mean an entry-level position. Whoopee!
After you left-click in glee and start to quickly scan what seems like a
novel-long job description you scroll down to the dreaded section labeled “Requirements.”
Take a deep breath…

Here we go: highly organized? Check. Attention to detail?
Check. 2 years of related work experience? Aghh! You’ve only had a few gigs
here and there during college, and they were certainly not at a corporate level
of related work, so what to do? Should you really fill out this job application
with high hopes or move on to the next job you find?

This is a very, very, simple topic (at least in my opinion)
that a lot of people complicate. You’re a college
. It’s 2013 and the economy isn’t exactly fabulous right now. What do
you really have to lose by applying to this so-called entry level job? 15
minutes? Apply to
the job
, please.

But…why? There are probably hundreds of other applicants who
may indeed have 2 years of experience - or perhaps even more.  Oh no, here come the negative thought bubbles.
Bear with me now…

“What chance do I have?”

“They won’t even look at my resume”

“What if I don’t get a response?”

Here’s my response: who cares? 

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