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Top 10 Job Search Tips

Originally Posted On The NonProfit Times

It is a fact that some individuals in the nonprofit job sector find a need for renewal that is satisfied by moving on to new opportunities. Bridgestar, an initiative of the Bridgespan Group, got advice from Tom Friel, the retired chairman and chief executive officer of Heidrick & Struggles International. Here are his top 10 job search tips:

1. Do a thorough and honest assessment of your motivations, skills and capabilities, and record them.

2. Decide very specifically what you want to do and make sure your qualifications match the job requirements.

3. Learn who the key players are at your target organizations and find a way to get in front of them.

4. Consider an interim path to your goal if necessary, such as consulting, temporary assignments, internships or volunteering.

5. Use your personal network smartly and efficiently. It is larger than you think.

6. Recognize that most people will want to help you, but they won't do your homework for you.

7. Get connected with recruiters and other intermediaries who are specifically involved in the searches that fit your capabilities and objectives.

8. When preparing for a meeting, think about the needs of the person with whom you're meeting. Over time. if you help your contacts, they will help you.

9. When given an interview, prepare thoroughly and ask thoughtful questions.

10. When your search is completed, thank the people who helped you.
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